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A community of our own

About Our Community

We are forming a DAO* for the purpose of buying land to create and sustain an intentional community (or multiple of them) in a place yet to be decided.

In other words, we want to pool resources (money, wisdom/experience, social) so that we can have a place of our own. A place where we can make all the correct choices to help heal both the world and ourselves.

A lot of us don’t have the space in our lives to uproot and live on a beautiful sustainable farm, or in a forest garden, where we compost everything (yes, everything ;-) ), and raise our kids the way they’re meant to be raised. Others of us have the space but don’t have the resources. Still others may just think it’s an interesting idea and would be willing to throw some money into the pot in order to be a part of something cool that they can visit every now and then and learn from. Or maybe you are already a permaculture guru who’s down to just participate and help us out.

We aim to bring all of these people together and create this place. We believe blockchain technology offers us a unique opportunity to raise funds and organize ourselves in ways that were not possible before. We would love for you to join us and help make this happen, whether you want to commit money, knowledge, or literally just moral support. There is a place for everyone!

*DAO: decentralized autonomous organization

What is a DAO?

What is a DAO:

A decentralized autonomous organization is a group of people who coalesce around something - an idea, a set of values, a goal, anything really - and govern themselves in a non-hierarchical way where everything is owed by everyone and governance happens with the help of blockchain technology in a way that seeks to align the incentives of every member of the group. 


Image by ZSun Fu


Selling NFTs is how we will generate funds.
Owning an NFT will grant you access to the land.

"NTENT" Tokens

NTENT tokens will be earned by those who
contribute time and energy to the DAO.

They can be used to buy NFTs and may be required as payment to spend the night on the land.
They will also be tied in with "reputation," which will be used in governance and decision-making, and potentially profit-sharing.

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