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How we raise funds and grant access to the land

Mycorrhyzal Fun Guy NFT

Grants access to the land, with privileges based on your role level in the DAO.

Event NFT

Grants access to the land only during special events that the DAO sanctions (work parties, party parties, just-kick-it weekends, etc.)


More about our NFTs

These NFTs are like your tickets to access the property.  Each person who comes to the land will be required to own an NFT.  They do not bestow any ownership rights to the land, nor do they grant you the right to live there as a permanent resident. 

The owner of the land is the DAO itself, and you can become a member just by showing up and contributing on the property or online.  

If you want to become a permanent resident, you must go through a process to be approved by the DAO and the current residents.  

1 NFT grants 1 person access to the land.  A family of 5 will need 5 NFTs to stay on the land together. 

10% of all proceeds generated from NFT sales (and secondary sales for Event NFTs) will go into a separate Pay-It-Forward Wallet.  This money will be used to buy NFTs from future communities that are in the same bootstrapping phase that we find ourselves in now.

This will create a web-like, non-hierarchical relationship between all future IntentionalDAO sister communities, keeping all of them autonomous but strengthening their bonds with one-another.  DAOs will be able to use their stockpile of NFTs to enable their members to travel to and visit these other communities.

THE POINT OF THIS IS TO RAISE MONEY, NOT "MAKE MONEY!"  Price gouging makes no sense here, because we would just be price gouging ourselves.  We do not have customers - everyone who comes to our land will be members of our community.  We are not trying to get rich - the goal is to direct funds into the project, not our pockets.  You could conceivably live here for free without any monetary investment (see the Green Paper).  

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