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Image by Mihály Köles

A Word About the In-Real-Life Community

The land is our blank canvas.  We want a vibrant community to spring into existence that embodies our ideals and is welcoming to members who don't live there year-round.  But beyond that, the nature of that community will largely be shaped by the people who choose to make it their home.  We envision a community where residents are empowered and supported by the DAO at large.  This support will come in the form of financial resources, work events, shared expertise, and administrative headaches like filing tax returns, to name a few.  In return, we hope to attract residents who enjoy a steady influx of temporary residents and weekenders - not as guests but more as friends.

If a resident wants to use the land to generate income, that's fine as long as the DAO approves it.  Maybe the member wants to farm 1/2 an acre to sell at the local farmer's market.  They would negotiate a deal with the other members of the DAO, which might be monthly rental fee to the DAO for the land and an agreement not to rototill, and as long as the deal passes the proposal process, yay money farm!

Bottom line: We are all in this together, even though some of our roles will be vastly different.  The residents will be the beating heart, and in many ways, the DAO will exist to support them.  However, a beating heart also exists for the health of its organism, and we hope our residents share this sentiment.  As a way to ensure cooperation, the DAO members will have control of the treasury finances and be responsible for making many large decisions (of course, physical residents will be DAO members as well and likely hold a lot of voting power, as described in the "governance" section). 

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