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Just a Random Idea

Here's just a random though experiment to get the juices flowing with regards to what is possible. 

What if we had a festival every year to teach people how to live in harmony with the land?  We could invite local farmers, chefs, brewers, etc., to setup booths.  People could come camp out and stay on the land for the duration of the festival - kind of like a natural living, sustainable farming version of Burning Man. The DAO could make money from booth rentals, which we could put in the treasury or use to buy NTENT tokens on the market, which would increase the value of the NTENT tokens that members hold.  The cost of admission will be to own an NFT and pay 20 NTENT tokens and 5 DAI (outlined in the Green Paper), which will also drive money to our treasury as well as increase DAO membership.  On the last day, we could throw a huge work party event, enabling us to get some big projects done, and end it with a huge drunken feast. 

All the while, these people are staying in an intentional community that is forcing them to experience what it's like to live in ways that promote the health of the Earth. Some of them may decide that IntentionalDAO is dope as hell and want to get more involved.  They'll start grinding on gaining role levels, which adds value to the DAO and strengthens our community.  Upward flywheel initiated. 

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